I grew up in Vironas, Greece and I practice my hobby of photography since 2014.
 In my website you'll find photos I've shot with my Nikon D5100 from various cities and places I've visited.
 I love the vivid colours of Nature, but I'm also interested in the decay of abandoned sights, as they give away a touch of vintage and nostalgia that I love!
 For me, photography is more than an impressive shot that will steal the viewer's eyes. It's inspiration. It is an illustration of reality, from another angle. 
 I like to experiment with everything usual and add my own touch that will elevate it to something more unique!
Images of mine are hosted to several e-magazines:
Local travel guide Greeking.me 

Several articles were published on the occasion of my exhibitions:

Enjoy your stay here, and in case of a collaboration, feel free to contact:
Thank you!

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